Pine Tongue and Groover, A Great Construction From Hickory Circle

Introducing the latest addition to our timber collection – Pine Tongue and Groove! Our new timber products are made from high-quality pine wood that has been expertly grooved with precision to create a beautiful and unique texture. This innovative design not only adds style to your space, but also provides superior grip and durability. Our Grooved Pine timber products are perfect for any interior or exterior project, from feature walls to decking and everything in between. Trust Hickory Circle Timber Frame Construction to deliver exceptional quality and style with our new Pine Tongue and Groove timber products.

grooved pine

Available Pine Tongue and Groove Timber Products

Looking for high-quality timber products? Look no further than Hickory Circle Timber Frame Construction! We offer them in both, white pine and yellow pine varieties. Our products are available for both wholesale and retail, so you can get the quantity you need at a price that works for you. You can find them in 2×6 size, and come in different lengths of 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 16ft., all of which can be stained or finished to your specifications. Whether you’re working on a small DIY project or a large commercial job, Hickory Circle Timber Frame Construction has the perfect timber products for you.

At Hickory Circle Timber Frame Construction, we understand the importance of quality timber products for commercial and residential projects alike. Our Pine T&G timber is the perfect choice for contractors looking to elevate their work to the next level. Our timber is versatile and can be used to create custom trusses and structures, adding a unique touch to any project. Whether you’re working on a commercial job or a custom project, our Pine T&G timber will exceed your expectations. Trust Hickory Circle Timber Frame Construction to provide you with the best timber products on the market.

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