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Get Lost with the Horses Under Our Timber Pavilions

  • Location: Dundee, Ohio 
  • Size/Type: Common rafter design, white Oak timber frame, approx. 800 sq. ft.  
  • Project details: Equine therapy at a timber pavilion ministry

Here at Hickory Circle Construction, excellence in timber framing is more than a service, it’s our legacy. Our timber pavilions, perfect for an expansive array of outdoor construction projects, exhibit a seamless blend of adept engineering and distinct style, lending you a space of phenomenal beauty and function.

Our timber construction involves layers of expertise and commitment, the keystones of which are our engineering brilliance and our keen aesthetic vision. Every build we craft combines these aspects, resulting in structures that marvel in their durability as much as their aesthetic charm.

Put simply, Hickory Circle is more than just your timber constructions team. We are the artisans of your dreams, entrusted with forging spaces as unique as your vision. Whether it’s timber framing or other timber construction requirements, put your trust in our expertise and prepare to witness your imagination sculpted into reality.

Enjoy the look below at one of our completed projects, and contact us if you are ready to begin your own timber frame project! When you being your project, you are with us every step of the way. So, you are able to make sure that each aspect is done exactly the way you want. Then, when the project is done, you are able to look at the finished work with awe. Hickory circle is proud to offer only the highest quality timber pavilion projects. So, we will make sure that you get what you need.
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