Custom Timber Framing From Professionals

1826 photographic building

Enjoy the look of this beautiful kitchen? Then, there is only one thing you have to do. Call or connect with us and get started. Our team of experienced timber frame builders are ready for any project you can give us. 

Timber framing and trusses are a traditional style of construction where a structure is framed with crafted heavy timber as opposed to mass-produced, thinner, dimensional lumber. The look of a timber frame is easy to identify — it offers an exposed wood appearance, often with minimal finishing. Hickory Circle offers both hands sawed or planed finishes to the client’s preference. Multiple stain colors can also be applied to your custom exposed timber frame available in Ohio and surrounding areas.

Utilizing fine timber from local mills, Hickory Circle Construction primarily works with Oak, Douglas Fir, Hickory, Cedar, and Pine species. We erect our timber frames and trusses with either mortise and tenon or plate and bolt connection depending on the desired frame style.

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For inspiration and timber framing education, please visit our education center. 

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