Custom Timber Framing From Professionals

1826 photographic building

Enjoy the look of this beautiful kitchen? Then, there is only one thing you have to do. Call or connect with us and get started. Our team of experienced timber frame builders are ready for any project you can give us. 

Serving Ohio and its surrounding areas, we bring life to your visions, crafting timber pavilions that resonate with your individual style and aesthetic inclinations. Ourtimber, often presented with a minimal finish, brims with character, setting our projects apart. We cater to a wide variety of finishing preferences, offering everything from the rustic allure of hand-sawed textures to the refined elegance of planed surfaces, alongside an extensive palette of stain colors for your personalized timber frame pavilion.

Expanding our horizons, we proudly extend our services to commercial projects, applying our deep-rooted passion for timber craftsmanship to larger-scale endeavors. This move encompasses a commitment to sustainable sourcing, as we continue to select our fine Oak, Douglas Fir, Hickory, Cedar, and Pine from local mills.

Our approach brings forth constructions that not only captivate and impress but are also imbued with the durability and charm necessary for both private and commercial settings.

Learn About Reclaimed New Hand Hewn White Oak Beams

At Hickory Circle, our character-rich white oak timbers undergo a meticulous hand-hewing process. Each timber is crafted with unique, handmade markings, achieved through our time-honed techniques, to present the sought-after rustic aesthetic essential for these construction elements. 

Our timbers benefit from a natural aging process. They are always free from rafter notches and pocket holes. This feature ensures you enjoy the reclaimed timber appearance, benefiting from enhanced strength. Additionally, it offers greater flexibility in positioning the timber, allowing for a truly customized installation.

Interested in learning more? Visit the White Oak Hand-Hewed Timbers website!

For inspiration and timber framing education, please visit our education center. 

Visit our gallery page for recent projects finished by Hickory Circle Construction.