Testimonials From Our Satified Customer

Take a look at some the testimonials left by our satisfied customers.

Just a note to say how impressed I was with your crew that erected our barn. It was refreshing to see a team of craftsmen work in unison with honor and pride. Throughout the process, every detail was addressed and every question answered with a smile. They certainly exceeded my expectations.


Hickory Circle Construction here to put up our barn is a family memory like no other. We are truly blessed to have this barn. The beams and workmanship are remarkable. The whole process was smooth and rewarding. We hope to do it again.

-Hershberger, Ohio

"They certainly exceeded my expectations!"

What an inspiration to watch your crew work in perfect harmony together raising our barn. We could not be more pleased with the end results. The crew was all so polite, kind, efficient, and professional. Thank you for everything you did for us. We will be happy to highly recommend the Hickory Circle Construction company.

-Troyer, Ohio

Please let me express how pleased we were with our barn raising! Your crew was fantastic and were all professional and courteous. It was a real treat getting to know them. Your great crew brought our vision to life.

-Columbus, Ohio

"We love our barn!"

The craftsmen at Hickory Circle were always very pleasant to work within every aspect of the job. We never had to worry about something not being done in a professional manner. Their work is quality. That’s something hard to come by these days. We always knew that the job would be done right and to our utmost satisfaction. We get so many compliments on our structure, thanks to Hickory Circle Construction. I would and will always recommend them to anyone.

-Weaver, Ohio

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the way [our barn home] has all come together. We love to share with friends and family how wonderful and professional all the fine people from Hickory Circle Construction have been.

-Troyer, Ohio

[Our barn] is truly a work of art and it has been a joy doing this project. Thank you for all that you and your crew did for us…. We are very happy to recommend your barn team and to relate to customers that it is such a gratifying process.

-Weaver, Ohio

The barn is everything we hoped it would be. It is fabulous. It has set a magnificent tone for the rest of the project! I just want to personally thank everyone at Hickory Circle Construction for the wonderful experience we had with your company. Keep up the great service.

-Troyer, Ohio


"We couldn't be more thirlled with how our barn home came together!"

We wanted to build a house that symbolized our love for the land. One of the best parts of our barn project was getting to know the Hickory Circle Construction team members. Each one seemed to share our enthusiasm for the site, design, construction, and care for the barn. We worked together to achieve a balance between reclaiming the history of the barn [while using modern] design and construction techniques that promote a comfortable home.

-Schlabach, Ohio

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