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In the world of timber construction, Hickory Circle Construction is akin to skilled artisans hailing from a bygone era. Our deep passion extends to forge custom timber homes in Ohio, brimming with an alluring charm that narrates a story unique to each one. As our expertise is honed on diverse projects ranging from barns and pavilions to much-admired timber homes, our creations stand tall, mirroring the strength and resilience of towering oak trees over decades.

But we’re more than just builders; we transform your lifestyle into a living reality. Our custom timber framing, a harmonious blend of time-honored techniques and contemporary design sensibilities, ensures we don’t just meet expectations but exceed them in leaps and bounds. We invite you to trust our expertise, allowing us to deliver your envisioned home with the same grace and abundance of a rich, satisfying harvest.

With Hickory Circle Construction, your imaginings of a perfect timber home extend far beyond blueprints. We breathe life into these visions, merging unrivaled artisanal craftsmanship, quality oak construction, and customized financing options that align well with your budget and preferences.