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Here at Hickory Circle Construction, we’re like old-time artisans passionate about crafting custom timber homes that tell tales through their charm.

We cut our teeth on barns, pavilions, and those cherished timber homes that stand like sturdy oak trees across time. We don’t just build; we create homes that echo your lifestyle, blending old-world timber framing techniques with slick modern design. Trust us to make your vision come to life, exceeding expectations like a bountiful harvest.

And it isn’t just about looks. Our homes strike that sweet balance – charming to the eye yet built as sturdy as a century-old oak. Whether you’re hankerin’ for a snug retreat in Ohio’s lush green blanket or a fancy timber structure for your business, Hickory Circle Construction gets it done right the first time.

We understand the sweat and pinch of building a timber home in Ohio, so we offer custom timber financing options. We want to ease the way to your dream dwelling, just another way we show our dedication to your satisfaction.

At Hickory Circle Construction, we turn daydreams of a custom timber home into more than drawings on paper. We bring them to life with our winning mix of craftsmanship, solid oak construction and financing that fits you to a T. Join us on the porch; your dream home awaits!