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At Hickory Circle Construction, we have established a rich legacy of meticulously crafted custom timber frame projects. Our portfolio represents a remarkable variety of pavilions and barns tailored to our clients’ unique specifications. Regardless of scale or intricacy, you can find our superior timber pavilions and barns across Ohio and even further afield, standing as proud symbols of our craftsmanship.

Continuing the Quest for Timber Construction Excellence

Our skilled team is always eager for the next unique project that allows us to exhibit our craftsmanship and passion for timber construction. Whether your dream vision involves an elegant timber pavilion or a classic rustic barn, we are excited to bring it to life. Each new project allows us to refine our expertise further and fuels our drive for innovation in timber frame pavilion plans and construction.

Discover Our Accomplishments through Our Gallery

Our gallery stands as a testament to our capabilities, reflecting the diversity and excellence of our custom timber frame projects across Ohio. Showcasing an array of pavilions and barns, our portfolio encapsulates the core essence of Hickory Circle Construction and mirrors our unfaltering commitment to superior timber craftsmanship.

Transforming Your Timber Pavilions and Barns Dreams into Reality

We find immense pride in our work and our role in transforming your dream custom timber frame vision into a tangible masterpiece. When you choose us for your timber project, you acquire more than our professional skills – you join the Hickory Circle Construction family and become a part of our illustrious timber construction history.

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Get in touch with Hickory Circle Construction today, and let’s start an exciting journey together. We are committed to creating extraordinary pavilions and barns that elevate your custom timber frame project to unparalleled heights.

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side view of pavilion
Berlin Grande
a beautiful job from hickory circle
Hawks Landing Pavilion
timber frame builders in Ohio, Hickory Circle Construction
Homestead Pavilion
timber frame builders in Ohio, Hickory Circle Construction
Melvin's Barn
timber frame builders in Ohio, Hickory Circle Construction
timber frame builders in Ohio, Hickory Circle Construction
Shire Bridge
timber frame builders in Ohio, Hickory Circle Construction
Stitzlien Barn
Twin oaks barns
Twin Oaks Barn
texas wedding barn
Texas Wedding Barn

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