Orr’s Hybrid Timber Frame Home In Ohio

Our Timber Frame Hybrid is a Perfect Fit for the Orr Home in Ohio

Explore our beautiful hybrid timber frame home built in Ohio! The project came together to create a new home for our client. They were involved and consulted in every step, which allows for us to make sure the final product matches what the client wants. After getting the necessary info, we are able to get started on construction. Our techniques and materials are always of the highest quality, and are sure to be long lasting. Are you interested? If so, connect with us today! In the Columbus area? Then check out our Columbus services.

  • Location: Doyelstown, Ohio¬†
  • Size/Type: White Oak and Poplar timber frame hybrid, poplar roof decking, metal roofing, cedar siding, approx. 3,000 sq. ft.¬†
  • Project details: Residential home

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