Melvin’s Barn

Custom Timber Frame for A Horse Barn in Ohio

  • Apple Creek, Ohio timber frame barn
  • White Oak custom timber frame horse barn, pine roof decking, metal roofing, and siding 
  • Project details: Horse barn
This project is one of our finest timber frame barns, made using our distinct and strong building methods. These methods lead to a long-lasting and high-quality build that is sure to last a long time. This was made and designed specifically to hold horses, and you can bet that the horses were happy with the final result! Who can blame them for our sturdy framework and quality materials used! 

Interested in finding out more about our process? Click here to learn about what we do to make this, and many other, beautiful and long-lasting barns, homes, pavilions, and more. Each job our team completes is done with care and dedication to giving you the best product. This can be seen in the true craftsmanship that is apparent with our builds. Connect today to get your own project started.

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