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Forging its path in Ohio since 2001, Hickory Circle Construction has engrained itself as a trusted name within the timber construction field, specializing in crafting bespoke trusses. With an intricate blend of proven techniques such as Mortise and Tenon joints alongside Gusset plates and bolt joinery, we excel in the creation of component parts that aren’t solely functional – they stand as robust symbols of enduring quality and precision craftsmanship.

By prioritizing the use of locally sourced timber in our truss structures, we not only contribute to the aesthetic charm of the region but also ensure the unbeatable durability associated with quality material. Every timber frame truss conceived and installed by our team encapsulates our commitment to flawless execution and resilience.

Entrusting your timber truss construction needs to Hickory Circle Construction means choosing an Ohio-based partner renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality. We ally meticulous attention to detail with a seamless blend of traditional methods and innovative approaches. Our core objective is clear – to provide you with trusses that guarantee years of stability and striking character, enabling your architectural aspirations to take flight backed by our stellar craftsmanship.

At Hickory Circle Construction, our expertise in engineering stable and aesthetically pleasing timber trusses fortifies our foundation in the Ohio construction community. Recognizing that heavy timber trusses form the skeleton of any architectural masterpiece, our approach is meticulous and steadfast, ensuring every project’s success from the ground up.

In the picturesque landscapes of Ohio, our custom trusses rise, contributing robust structure and timeless beauty to residential and commercial properties. Embedded within our design philosophy is an understanding that every beam must harmonize strength with precision—attributes that our heavy timber trusses possess in abundance.

At Hickory Circle Construction, our work is rooted in raising the bar for timber truss construction and design, infusing every project with integrity, quality, and sustainable practices. When it comes to meeting and exceeding client expectations, we ensure that every timber truss stands testament to our dedication and high standards.

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