Harvest Ridge Pavilion, Made With Our Timber Frame Pavilion Plans

The Harvest Ridge Pavilion Uses Our Custom Timber Frame Pavilion Plans

We merge skilled craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail with our high-quality frame designs. Our team’s dedication, as steadfast as the timber we use, ensures every notch and beam of your project perfectly fits what you had in mind.

Our secret sauce is those customizable timber frame pavilion plans we discussed. These are like old family recipes; they guide us through your project, ensuring each and every part matches the quality you expect and the longevity we promise.

Giving a nod to Hickory Circle means you’re saying ‘yes’ to a quality, personalized touch, where each timber building we create is as unique as the folks we craft them for. So, why don’t you saddle up for a project journey with Hickory Circle Construction? We’re just itching to transform your timber dreams into a fine, stand-the-test-of-time reality.

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