Ark Encounter, Made With Custom Timber Trusses

This Full Scale Noah's Ark Museum Uses our Custom Timber Trusses

Hickory Circle Construction loved being a part of the full-scale Noah’s ark museum, located in Williamstown, KY! We used our specialty of creating the best  custom timber trusses for this piece! When visiting this incredible exhibit, you could even meet Noah, his family, and the animals on the Ark. This incredible replica of the original Noah’s ark, known as the Ark Encounter, is a sister attraction of the famous Creation Museum. Our part included crafting and installing a Douglas Fir frame and our custom timber frame trusses, as well as plates and bolts connections. Creating the ark was a very involved and expansive project, taking 14 months. To complete such a unique structure, we worked with a 24-man crew to assemble and erect the frame, exotic wood siding, and the glulam beams for the stern and bow of the ark. 

We specialize in creating custom timber frame structures, both commercial and residential. Our team will sit with you and learn about the vision you have. Then, our designers will make a sketch to ensure we are on the same page before moving forward. We can work with nearly any design preferences. Hickory Circle Construction is here to create timber frame structures that will last for generations to come.

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