The Finest Constructor Of Timber Frame Trusses, Homes, & More

The Finest Constructor Of Timber Frame Trusses, Homes, & More

Established in Ohio in 2001, Hickory Circle Construction has crafted its identity as a dependable name in the domain of professional timber frame contracting. Our expertise in timber construction and timber framing has led us to carve homes that capture the authentic beauty of timber, tailored to echo your dream homes.

You’re invited to explore our portfolio, which offers a captivating glimpse into our creations — a forest of durable, timber-built homes and pavilions that rise mightily against the sky. Each project we undertake manifests our passion, adding a new chapter to our timber crafting tale. We engineer homes to not only withstand the tempests that nature may hurl, but to stand as icons of solid, welcoming architecture.

Hickory Circle Construction sees timber-built homes not merely as structures, but as valued members of your family. Over these years, timber has become our stalwart companion, its strengths and aesthetic appeal well-understood by our skilled craftsmen, who deftly incorporate it to illuminate your spaces.

Our proficiency in timber frame construction narrates a story of unwavering commitment to build with this robust, sustainable asset. Its versatility elevates our designs, lending them a timeless charm. As advocates of environmental sustainability, Hickory Circle Construction presents a pathway for you to forge a home imbued with enduring narratives that will reverberate through generations.

underside view of timber framing, beams of quality strong timber lifting up large building

Timber framing is a unique style of construction where a structure is framed with heavy timber as opposed to thinner, dimensional lumber. This material helps bring strength to the foundations of your home, and is a great choice of building material.

We proudly manufacture timber trusses for any project. Our timber trusses are built using the traditional Mortise and Tenon joinery or Gusset plates and bolt joinery. Leading to a finished product that can withstand harsh weather, and the rages of time.

We are currently offering general contracting on energy-efficient homes! Allow us to help guide you through the construction process with our management. Our service area for our general contracting is anywhere within a 2.5-hour radius of Apple Creek, Ohio.

Discover the Beauty and Artistry of Our Projects

Ark Encounter

A massive undertaking of timber construction! This full-scale Noah's Ark recreation was made for a Museum in Kentucky. See more now!

Yoder Pavilion - a dark timber pavilion in a beautiful park

Yoder Pavilion

A beautiful custom pavilion made by the dedicated team of construction workers here at Hickory Circle. Look at the beautiful frame!

apple valley - a grey timber home crafted by Hickory Circle

Apple Valley

An absolute must see new build by Hickory Circle Construction. The timber frame roof system over the kitchen and great room provides protection and style!


1826 Photographic

One of our finest custom commercial projects. No matter what you request, we can build it!

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