Hickory Circle: The Finest Constructor Of Timber Frame Trusses & More

Hickory Circle Construction is an Ohio-based company specializing in timber frames. Since 2001 we have provided high quality, custom timber builds to the Ohio area and beyond. Our projects range from timber frame houses to outdoor pavilions. Whether your project is as small as a swing set or as big as an ark, Hickory Circle is happy to work with you. We are also able to work within your budget to create a design you’ll love. But that’s not all, we also offer engineering as well as framing and truss manufacturing services. So, we are one of the finest timber frame companies in the area. We will work to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

When you need a construction job done right, then there is only one option. The trusted and capable craftsmen at Hickory Circle! With our experience crafting homes, pavilions, churches, and more, you can expect the best! We are happy to have been able to service our clients in Ohio, and hope that you are our next!

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Timber framing is a unique style of construction where a structure is framed with heavy timber as opposed to thinner, dimensional lumber. This material helps bring strength to the foundations of your home, and is a great choice of building material.

We proudly manufacture timber trusses for any project. Our timber trusses are built using the traditional Mortise and Tenon joinery or Gusset plates and bolt joinery. Leading to a finished product that can withstand harsh weather, and the rages of time.

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