The Finest Constructor Of Timber Frame Trusses, Homes, & More

Hickory Circle Construction has been a cornerstone in Ohio timber framing and construction circles since the flip of the millennium in 2001. See, to us, there isn’t anything quite like the timeless beauty of an excellent old timber structure, especially one that fits your custom home design dreams like a glove.

Swing by our portfolio is like walking through a gallery of timber craft homes and state-of-the-art pavilions, each standing tall as a tribute to the craft we hold dear. Every project is like a chapter in our story of creating high-quality, comforting homes that stand the test of time.

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Timber framing is a unique style of construction where a structure is framed with heavy timber as opposed to thinner, dimensional lumber. This material helps bring strength to the foundations of your home, and is a great choice of building material.

We proudly manufacture timber trusses for any project. Our timber trusses are built using the traditional Mortise and Tenon joinery or Gusset plates and bolt joinery. Leading to a finished product that can withstand harsh weather, and the rages of time.

We are currently offering general contracting on energy-efficient homes! Allow us to help guide you through the construction process with our management. Our service area for our general contracting is anywhere within a 2.5-hour radius of Apple Creek, Ohio.

Discover the Beauty and Artistry of Our Projects

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Ark Encounter

A massive undertaking of timber construction! This full-scale Noah's Ark recreation was made for a Museum in Kentucky. See more now!

Yoder Pavilion 3 - a shining example of our drafting and design

Yoder Pavilion

A beautiful custom pavilion made by the dedicated team of construction workers here at Hickory Circle. Look at the beautiful frame!

a beautiful job from hickory circle - apple valley home

Apple Valley

An absolute must see new build by Hickory Circle Construction. The timber frame roof system over the kitchen and great room provides protection and style!

a beautiful job from hickory circle - 1826 Photographic barn home office

1826 Photographic

One of our finest custom commercial projects. No matter what you request, we can build it!

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